How to Eat More Vegetables

It might sound daunting or like a lot of work to try and add more vegetables into your diet, but it doesn’t have to be.

I am willing to spend a little more time cooking the main dish for our meals at home, so I’ve found that I’m more likely to eat vegetables if I keep it simple. Here are some tips to serving vegetables with ease:

  1. Keep it fresh. Rinse and cut up some fresh vegetables that can be served plain. I especially love this for my kids; the bright colors are inviting and they make for easy finger foods. Serving them plain is also a great way to help kids appreciate the unique flavors of each vegetable. Cut up vegetables are also convenient to pack for on-the-go meals. Left overs can be saved to throw in a salad the next day. Some vegetables this works well with include: carrot; cucumber; broccoli florets; bell pepper; radish; sugar snap peas; cauliflower; celery; mushrooms; tomato (always cut up foods that are small and slippery like grape tomatoes as they pose a choking hazard for kids younger than 4 years of age).
  2. Blanch or steam. After you learn to blanch and steam vegetables, you will find that it’s not as time consuming as you may have thought. After getting water to a rolling boil toss your fresh vegetables in for about 3 minutes and then drain; this retains some of the crunch in your vegetables. When steaming, just place vegetables in a steamer basket above boiling water (do not immerse the vegetables in the water) and cover with a lid. Most vegetables are done steaming after 3-5 minutes. Since you don’t put the vegetables in the water it preserves their nutrients.
  3. Stock up on frozen vegetables. When you are pinched for time just throw some frozen vegetables in the microwave. I especially like the steamer bags because you put the whole bag in the microwave and after about 4-5 minutes you have a family sized serving of vegetables.



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