Oat Flour


Have you ever bought oat flour from the grocery store? Try making your own at home by putting regular oats in a food processor. You can pay $8-$10 for 22 oz of oat flour or you can pay under $4 for 42 oz of whole oats and processing them into a fine flour by yourself.

Here are some ways you can use oat flour:

  1. Use it in baked goods; I’ve added oat flour to the whole grain dinner rolls I make at home. I have even made chocolate chip cookies with oat flour.
  2. Oat flour is a staple for baking when you need to follow a gluten free diet; you can replace regular white flour with oat flour for things like cookies and quick breads. Be sure to purchase certified gluten free oats if you cannot have gluten.
  3. Incorporate  oat flour in home made vegetable/bean burgers to add texture and to bind the ingredients together.
  4. Make your own baby cereal. Add breast milk, formula, or water to the processed oats until the cereal is at desired consistency.

Store oat flour in the refrigerator or freezer as it has a small amount of fat that can cause the flour to spoil. Bring the flour back to room temperature before using.

When comparing whole grain oat flour cup to cup with enriched all purpose white flour it provides 9 more grams of fiber, 9 more grams of protein and 42 more mg of calcium.





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