Dietitian Blunder #1


Hi folks. I haven’t blogged in awhile but I’m glad to be back after a much needed break from social media.

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some personal blunders as a dietitian. Dietitians are often assumed to eat perfectly, or we are sometimes judged for the days we don’t eat perfectly! (although in reality, no one eats perfectly and there is no one perfect way to eat). Along with my confessions I will share some tips on how to avoid said blunders.

Blunder #1: Grocery shopping while hungry

While grocery shopping today, I ended up buying hot dogs, curly fries and chocolate cake for my family’s lunch (see above photo). This was not on my meal plan!

Here are some tips on how you can avoid having a similar mishap:

  1. Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach; make sure you are satisfied and able to make your food selections without the bias that comes with low blood sugar.
  2. If you have to run out the door with an empty stomach, grab some fresh fruit or some healthy trail mix to much on while driving.
  3. Keep non perishable, healthy snacks in the car in case you find yourself grocery shopping on a whim. This tip also helps keep temper tantrums at bay for little ones when you are out and about. I like to keep a stash of granola bars and squeezable fruit/vegetable pouches in our car.
  4. Arm yourself with a grocery list so you know exactly what you need to buy. Stick to your list!
  5. If you find yourself shopping close to meal time, focus on getting your groceries and leaving ASAP. I found myself perusing non food items for fun when I got to the second grocery store today. My stomach was protesting by the time I started shopping for food.
  6. If you do find yourself unpacking food that you wouldn’t normally buy when you get home, make the most of the situation. Enjoy your splurge (you don’t have to convince me to enjoy chocolate cake!), but also incorporate healthy foods to keep things balanced. I ate my hot dog with a  whole grain bun and topped it with fresh tomato and onion. I served fresh mandarin slices with our lunch so we each had a serving of fruit. We stuck to healthy portion sizes and we shared the slice of chocolate cake.

What do you find yourself buying when you grocery shop while hungry?


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